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• Printed Display Fabrics • Pop Up Display Signage for NZ expo's • Printed Backdrop Signage

Wall signage and printed background photography fabrics as used by professional photographers and stage managers... now available here. Free Delivery Everywhere NZ!

A total range of finishing options including seaming or hot knife edges, pole pocket sleeves, hook loop fastener, hangers and more are available.

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Big Red SALE window banner poster hanging inside the shop windows

The best way to promote your business is with signage

Ask your local graphic designer to contact us for great rates and special offers!

If you have marketing at heart you can upload to the print factory and save

Marketing banners that hang for retail presentation and marketing fashions

Supplying many professional shopfitting and design companies with graphic like this on the shop fitting wall.

Shop Poster Banners with company logos custom made printed banner signs for retail shop promotions

Looking after the flexible side of signage like banners, backdrops and window posters

Many signage companies local and national now prefer to manufacture substrate materials and boards. We look after the flexible side of signage like banners, backdrops, window posters and large sale banners etc. Using these flexible materials is not easy for a small local company to handle so we produce orders for small to medium sign business owners all around New Zealand and Oceania. Supplying many of NZ's foremost advertising agencies and event management companies, touring parties and celebrities, our signage is even seen on Xfactor and other popular televised events in NZ. Many Visual merchandisers add parades behind their main focus for that extra special touch and theme of the elements empowering the full concept.

VISUAL MERCHANDISING PROPS - Curtains, Parades and Backdrops

Visual Merchandising Props such as parades back panels and fabric ceiling drops


Hanging Shop Display Posters and Banner Backgrounds

"I never thought that digital printing would open up so many avenues for our programs. South Star Productions"

Sports telecasts and live broadcasting of sports and public events, supplies of the the barrier fencing and hanging banners

This signage is popular because of the new material used to print bigger and stronger sizes of the signage yet being lighter to manage. The poly mercerised fabric for display indoor or outdoor is technically adapt for large spans and prints better than previous fabrics. Event organising committees prefer to buy because it is cheaper, lighter and stronger.

It is recommended for event management and advertising.

It has advanteagous features such as • Lower Price • Large Roll Dimensions • Customised Design • Corporate Applications.

Banners hanging inside a shop

Signs and Banners and Now new modern Display Fabrics that shine

Half Price Design

Pre order many of our customers start buy banners online here by requesting a sample of the fabrics and vinyl banner materials. We are glad to send you a fold out booklet of the fabrics and vinyls. Please request including an address and number.

These new signage options and range of poly fabrics offer advertising agencies a neat way of producing television signage cheaper than before, offer graphic designers amazing resolutions and screen grounds and give small to large business owners in Auckland, Welly etc a new supplier for the latest cheap signage NZ

Also offered is a national telephone number, free shipping and fast turnaround, a modern website and expert 'anytime' design assistance. With prices so low as purchased by other Auckland sign companies too.

Supplying many of New Zealand's leading retailers and trade printing companies, large bulk discounts are available. Free Shipping and low cost design services give you many advantages for your hanging promotional printing requirements.


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Custom indoor outdoor banners and sizes you want

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